So the other night at about 1:30 Little woke me up and seemed to be a little panicked and I immediately assumed that there was a “bad guy” trying to get in the house.  I admit it, there is a part of me that likes the idea of getting to “defend” the Tajmaholloway (the name the Holloway family has called our house for years now–it really is one of the great wonders of the world…850 square feet of luxury).  It turns out that there was no bad guy.  Probably better since I am not really that coherent when I first wake up.

What I did encounter though, was a really large black bear in our yard.  Seems that this particular bear has quite an acquired taste for Ol’ Roy dog food.  It has been coming into our property at night and eating the dog’s food.  This really is a pretty scary thought and we are talking about what precautions that need to be taken to keep him away.  The hunting season for bears is not currently open so shooting him is not really a good idea.  Problem is that black bears are federally protected and shooting one out of season will land you in the slammer.

So what do you do in this situation?  Well, you arm yourself when you are playing or working in the yard.  I went out and tracked the bear this morning and the scary thing is that he is hanging out on the mountain right behind my house.  In fact, I saw where he had been bedded down within 75 yards of the house.  Next, you get rid of the source that is attracting the bear; the dog food.  Then you watch and pay attention to the woods around the house and that way if he does approach you might see him and move inside or fire some warning shots.  One thing is for sure, you don’t carry on the same way you did before the bear was coming around.  You guard yourselves and you arm yourselves.

This is so rich in spiritual parallel. Do you see it?  How often does the enemy creep into our lives and we just continue living the exact same way we did before.  The same patterns, habits, relationships, music, movies, longings, and desires will often just continue.  In many cases, they actually INTENSIFY when the enemy shows up.  We need to be vigilant and arm ourselves with the Word of God and remove the things in our lives that attract these evil desires and influences.  This can be really challenging to us because we don’t necessarily like change when we are comfortable.  My home is comfortable, and at 1:30 this morning my bed was REAL comfortable. But there was an intruder lurking.  There was no time to sleep. Paul tells the Ephesians, to “Awake!”.  As the attack and invasion of sin and the flesh and the world and the world’s prince are constant, too often we take spiritual naps.  We cannot.

My kids are small and would never stand a chance against a bear.  They must be protected.  What areas in our lives are weak, yet undefended, unprotected?  Awake!