Living in a Blackberry World – Zach

I’m not going to lie. I think that iPhones are probably the coolest invention ever. One of our Old School semester students had one and I became obsessed with it. It’s crazy how many things they can do. However, I’m actually relieved at the fact that my cell phone company doesn’t have them as an option. They seem to have the ability to take up all our time with no productive results. Plus, I’m sure that if I got one, it’d break within days, if not minutes.

But the fact that they are a non-productive distraction isn’t the thing that bothers me the most. I’m concerned with how they train our minds to think. While visiting one of my old roommates this weekend I saw a copy of Newsweek that caught my eye. One of the headlining articles was entitled, “The Blackberry President” so I read it. And it was so eye opening.

Modern conveniences like email, cell phones, text messaging, and sophisticated handheld devices are changing the way that we process information in our heads. It’s crazy. Think about it. We are so easily distracted by anything. Even just now, ironically, I just subscribed to a podcast and read an email. Our generation is in serious trouble here. If we are to follow in line with the trend in our culture then we will slowly deteriorate into people who can no longer keep their attention sustained for any significant period of time.

There are two areas where I see this affecting us the most seriously. First, I can see it in our relationships, in our relationships with each other and in our relationship with God. The quality of our communication is going downhill quickly. We are no longer having long, in depth, face-to-face conversations with each other. The majority of our communication is through technology. We are not even able to see someone’s laugh when we make a joke, now it’s represented with a colon followed by a parenthesis. This is crazy.

And since we’ve learned to interact with each other in quick, sporadic conversations we’ve made ourselves think that this is the way that communication is supposed to take place so we apply this to our relationship with God. And it’s one thing to make our relationships with others shallower, but it’s tragically worse when we lessen the depth of our relationship with God.

Also, think about it. If we’re training ourselves to have shortened, random thought processes, then how is that going to affect our study of God’s Word? God has commanded us to love the Lord with all our hearts, souls, and minds. Do we really love God with our minds? This is a question that we must ask ourselves everyday. I’m not talking right now about keeping filthy thoughts out of our mind (although to be faithful, we must). The question I’m asking is, “Are we loving God, in how we think?” If we are unable to stop and really meditate on Scripture, then the answer is “no”. If we can’t read the Bible for more than 2 minutes without checking our facebook of MySpace, then the answer again is “no”. If we can’t talk to God without our minds jumping from one thought to another and back again, then the answer is “no”.

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