Well the weather here in the valley is looking like spring and I am getting some crazy fever to go play.  It has been cold for the last couple of months and everybody is ready for spring.  We are getting ready for summer and that puts Snowbird in constant busy mode.

There is something that happens around here this time of year that I find to be really quite funny, if not a little awkward.  There has been a lot of talk and some participation in what apparently has become quite a trend in our health conscious society.  People here are talking a lot about “cleansing” (I know you have immediate mental pictures of the table scene in the movie “The Nutty Professor”).  This is the exercise of treating your insides with organic juices and natural herbs and apparently is really good for your body, though quite gross to discuss.  I must say I have seen some pretty funny, but disgusting pictures on the internet of some of the “toxic sludge” that has come out of different cleanse patients (or victims).  I must say that hearing the statistics of what happens to the human body after years of eating fast food and sugar has got me thinking about just what I may need to do to “de-toxify”.   Don’t worry I won’t let you know how that goes.

It has also got me thinking about how necessary it is for us to “de-toxify” our minds from time to time.  In thinking about the life of Christ I am always aware of how often he retreated to the mountains or the wilderness to pray and fast.  There was such a value put on the practice of removing societal and cultural distractions and giving total focus to God.  I am convinced and convicted that I need to set my mind on the things of the Spirit and away from the things of the flesh.  Paul talks in Romans 12:1-2 about the renewing of our minds that needs to take place and I know that for me this is so necessary because of all of the worldy “sludge” that alters the way I view God and myself.  David prayed the God would purge him so that he could be pure and I pray that we would be serious about that purging and renewal.  It needs to be daily and it needs to be consistent.  The sludge builds up quickly.

I think I have got TWO cleanses ahead of me.

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