14 Thoughts on My Trip to Honduras

The SWO staff was able to lead another trip to Orphanage Emmanuel back in December. I am just now really getting a chance to sit down and reflect on that trip.  There were a couple of thoughts that I had and wanted to share them.  These are things that God really laid on my heart. Some of these things were encouraging while others were really convicting.  All in all, I think God is showing me that Christ MUST be central in all that we do or else we are not going to really be all that effective.  Here are some thoughts:

1.    Too often we can get caught up in “doing” missions for the way it makes us feel or the way it makes us look.   I certainly have been guilty of this.  Christ says we are to love God then love people.  There is no such thing as a self-serving Gospel so there is no room for self-serving missions. I need to maintain the focus that missions is about Christ and the Gospel first and foremost.  Then people we are taking the Gospel to. The only focus I need to put on myself is how sharing Christ with people is growing me in my relationship with Christ and my need to love people.
2.   I have been learning that God is personal in the way he calls us to areas that he has equipped and impassioned us. It is so cool to spend time with people within the body of Christ who are passionately pursuing and following God’s call on their life.  I always want to be obedient to the call God has given me, but I want to overjoyed and passionate about it too.  How could we not rejoice over the personal nature of God gifting us and calling us to something?  As if salvation was not enough!
3.    I love Honduran kids!  The people of this country are special to me because in my limited time spent out of the states, this is where the bulk of my time has been spent.  I was just musing over the fact that God also puts this love in your heart for the people he calls you to. Every time I go back I am refreshed in my love for these specific people.  The relationships we are building there will be eternal. It’s easy to see how a person could fall in love with a people group and then want to give his life in service to them.
4.    I love student ministry!  This trip once again rejuvenated my own calling to students who come to SWO.  I am so excited to pour my life into the students and leaders God sends to Snowbird this year.
5.    I love the staff I work with!  I think it is so encouraging to work alongside the people I work with every day, but in such a different environment.  This really strengthens our relationships.
6.    My own calling to student ministry was reaffirmed.  I know that God has called me to give my life to the work at SWO.
7.    I realized once again what a blessing and opportunity I have as a dad and husband.  I saw so many people who have been neglected in these areas.  We are surrounded by it when we are there with these children.
8.    I realized that my children have a call on their lives.  Having them with me on this trip was really special.  It is also special to watch them begin to carry a specific burden for others. It was inspiring and convicting.  This began months ago and has continued as they often pray for kids they met and begin to love.
9.    I learned again what a joy it is to be linked with people of other tribes and nations through the blood of Christ and the call of the Gospel.  I met and spent a good bit of time with a family from Denmark who I will never forget but will hopefully see again!
10.    I was blown away by the work God has done in the lives of the SWO missionaries that have now spent time around the world.  Some of them were able to go on the trip. It was just awesome to be linked with them in a calling that will go with them through life.
11.    I learned anew that the price of salvation is so infinitely valuable that it cost God his son, and that leaves us with no question as to how God feels about missions.
12.    I learned that we are so blessed materially and physically. We really do take this for granted.
13.    I was renewed in my morning study and prayer time. I came home with an excitement and passion for prayer and the Word of God.
14.    I realized that there is not much that is more hypocritical than spending a few days in another culture feeling good about my Christian service while neglecting the people closest to me; namely my friends, family, and neighbors.

I would encourage you all to spend some time sharing the love of Christ with others, and seeing how God will use your obedience to grow you personally.  And you don’t have to leave your borders to do it!

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