Remembering Lauren

The staff at SWO was really shaken to learn of the passing of a former staffer last weekend.  Lauren Herndon was a student at Georgia. Southern and served on the SWO summer staff in 2006, so some of you remember her.  She was an amazing young lady and I am so thankful for the time she spent here and the faithful investment she made in the lives of a lot of girls. I remember how burdened she was for the students from her home church the week they came to camp and she labored in prayer for them.  She just wanted them to know Christ to the fullest measure.
There are certain things about certain people that you just don’t forget.  Lauren Herndon was the kind of person that was full of those kinds of impressions.  I will always remember the first time Lauren was in my home and the way she spoke of her desire to one day raise a godly family and make a home that would be built on Christ’s love.  She really renewed in me an understanding of the importance of guarding my home and I have thought about that a lot ever since.
It is never easy to lose a staff member or a camper to what we may see as an early or untimely death but I always take so much hope in knowing that God makes no mistakes, here.  That is not just a religious idea or saying; but rather it is biblical truth that is foundational to knowing Christ at the deepest level.  And to get there, tragedy is often required.  I am learning through Lauren’s death more of who Christ is and I guess that after knowing her, I shouldn’t be surprised.   I miss her but life is temporal and death is more so.  I look forward to worshiping along side of her and doing it for an immeasurable long time.