Whitewater guide training and Whitewater Rescue

We just completed our Whitewater guide training section. Everyone did very well, and learned the basics of whitewater hydrology and boat control. These were some chilly but really fun days! After our guide training, our semester students transitioned straight to their Whitewater Rescue Technician certification class (WRT). During this section, our students learned and practiced the skills and techniques of whitewater rescue from a guide’s perspective. Our class culminated in true-to-life scenarios that were both fun and challenging. Throughout this section, students have been studying in Ephesians 2 about true relationships and community within the body of Christ.

Next up: Rock Climbing and Mountain Biking!!

Shelby approaching "the Strainer"

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  1. Debbie Wilhelm says:

    Thank you for the updates and pictures!

  2. Shelby & Ashleigh says:

    According to our intellectual inferences we have concurred that the individual in this strenuous, terrifying exercise is in fact… Josiah Monk, of the Monk brother. But what evesss… it okay..totes!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… GIggleGiggleGiggle….SHOUT OUT

  3. Shelby & Ashleigh says:

    According to our intellectual inference we have conjoined our noggins and concurred that the terrified individual preforming this strenuous exercise is in fact…dun-du-dahhh…Josiah Monk, of the Monk brothers… like what eeevvs…but its okay…totes!!! HAHAHAHAHAH!! GiggleGiggleGiggle!!!

  4. spencer says:

    shelby and ashleigh are big dorks

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