On Rock? Rock on!

Despite a couple of days of rain, the rock climbing section went GREAT! Big thanks to Aaron and Andrew Thomas and Jeremiah Haas for their skill and involvement. Our students focused on spiritual disciplines, as they are slowly working through the book of Ephesians together. Pray for continued growth for these guys and girls! Today is a quick day off before heading out again for our Caving section!

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  1. Thomas Mayes says:

    Great pictures. I’m so proud of my son, Matt, and all the other OLDschoolers. May God continue to grow you all and use you to set the world on fire for Christ. Thanks SWO for this opportunity.

  2. Thomas Mayes says:

    Oh, yeah I forgot to say…way to rock that pink hat, Matt.

  3. Matthew says:

    Matt has a pink hat ….kinda reminds me of his dad’s pink pillow!

    Great photos! Such marvelous views.

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