Snack Shack: Special Delivery Video

August 27, 2016   •   By:

SWO16 Snack Shack: Special Delivery from Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters on Vimeo. Order SWO Gear Online


August 24, 2016   •   By:

Are you new to student ministry? Jeff Martin is a seasoned student pastor and recently joined us as a guest speaker at the 2016 IRON ON IRON conference. During the panel … Continue reading

SWO16 Staff: Howie

August 23, 2016   •   By:

  We wanted to share this update email from Howie Simpkins, a summer staffer from this SWO16 camp season. I’ve been reflecting on my 12 weeks at Snowbird Summer Camp. … Continue reading

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Sneak Peek 2: IRON on IRON Sessions

August 18, 2016   •   By:

We shared a backstage view into Jeff Martin’s IRON on IRON sessions earlier this week and now we have a preview into a session from Mitch Jolly! Mitch is the main … Continue reading


Pray for the 2016 OLD School Students

August 17, 2016   •   By:

Click the link below to view photos of the students and pray for them as they make final preparations to arrive ready for an entire semester focused on biblical discipleship … Continue reading

Sneak Peek: IRON on IRON Sessions

August 17, 2016   •   By:

Jeff Martin, pastor at Redeemer Community church in Johnson City, TN, is one of our guest speakers at IRON on IRON this weekend. We asked for a preview of his … Continue reading

Just Like That…

August 16, 2016   •   By:

A staff blog from Bethany Clark of the SMO missions camp program at Snowbird, written on August 7: It’s kind of like the scene from Forest Gump when he just … Continue reading

SWO16 Week 10 Video

August 6, 2016   •   By:

SWO16 Week 10 from Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters on Vimeo. DOWNLOAD VIDEO


SWO16 Week 9 Video

July 30, 2016   •   By:

Download Video

SWO16 Week 8 Video

July 23, 2016   •   By:

SWO16 Week 8 from Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters on Vimeo. Download Video