Backpacking Resupply Update

We resupplied our semester students with food and fuel yesterday! It was great to see everyone out at the trailhead. We got to refill all the fuel, food, and spices (hot sauce was the big commodity)… and were able to bring a bunch of mail and surprises from home as well. These guys gorged themselves on delicacies not readily available in the woods, like home-baked cookies and fruit. They report mostly great weather, with a bit of rain these last couple of days.

Everyone is doing great. The students have now completed 9 out of the 14 days of their first semester section. By this time, they have learned the basic skills that they will carry and master through their course. Most nights have had lively discussion from the book of Ephesians, led by our semester instructors.

Please continue to pray for these guys! We’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Claudia Lag says:

    Great to see the pictures! Our prayers are with everyone! Can’t wait to hear how God is working!

  2. Kevin Twombly says:

    I’ll go take all the tabasco sauces out of the MRE’s and send them. You guys look great.

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