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Apply for Staff
Each summer, Snowbird Outfitters hires approximately 100 adults, college-age and older, to help operate our summer program. These staff members work alongside church groups, lead student small groups, work recreation, serve meals, clean campus and participate in a variety of worship services and camp activities.

A Summer Staff member’s main responsibility throughout each week is to invest in the students to which they are “assigned.” Each week, SWO hosts dozens of churches from around the country. Each staff member will be assigned to a specific church group for the duration of their week, in an approximate 1:4 staff-to-student ratio. That staff member will pursue those students throughout each day, eating meals together, going to breakout sessions, hanging out during free time, and participating in small group time, with the driving force of a God-centered love and a passion to participate in Gospel-centered discipleship and evangelism.

Snowbird’s Summer Staff commitment is for 12 consecutive weeks. Staff will participate in two weeks of training, followed by 10 weeks of camp.

Summer Staff applications are available each year (October 12 — January 25). Ask about earning college internship credit when you apply!

All applications for Summer Staff must be completed on the website by January 25, 2017. Applicants will be notified of hiring status by as soon as possible.

Note: Must be at least one year out of high school and 18 years of age to apply.

Apply for Staff

Note: You will need to mark the applicable checkbox to request an evaluation for the SMO program. Contact Shawn Clark at for more information about positions with Snowbird Missions & Outreach, the summer missions program at Snowbird.

Apply for Staff

Servant Team is a volunteer discipleship program for high school students. Led by their respective male and female directors, Servant Team members work in various areas around campus each day, including but not limited to kitchen, maintenance, grounds and housekeeping. Servant Team members also participate in all worship services and breakout sessions during the camp week, sit under biblical teaching with Snowbird’s director and their Servant team directors, and spend focused time in the study of scripture and personal growth.

The Servant Team commitment is 10 consecutive weeks.

Note: Must be in high school to apply.

Apply for SWO Institute
Snowbird exists as a camp that is committed to seeing the church of Christ equipped to impact this generation. The SWO Institute program* was created out of that desire to better equip the church while specifically focusing on college-age students that commit to being here throughout the year. Our goal is to invest in Institute students in three specific areas: formal theological training, ministry experience, and vocational instruction.

The classroom is the most recent addition to the program. If a student stays for 2 years they will go through Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Systematic Theology, World Religions and Apologetics. Students will be required to read in the textbook that we provide and write a one-page summary every week. Most weeks we will meet twice for 2 hours at a time.

The ministry training will take place in working with groups. The retreat season at SWO is a crazy time, and we’ll have students on the property nearly every weekend. These groups will include Christian school trips as well as spring and fall retreats. Institute students will be the direct contact person for student pastors as well as immersing themselves in relational ministry with the students.

Finally, when students are not on the property, each Institute student will be assigned to a SWO department with the goal of gaining proficiency in a specific vocation. Our goal is to prepare Institute students for whatever God might call them to next—whether it be in vocational ministry or the workforce.

Being a part of SWO year-round is a blast, but it’s hard work. Those applying to the SWO Institute program should understand that it will challenge you in every area of your life. This program, despite the change in name and syllabus, isn’t new to SWO, and we know that a season at SWO could be one of the greatest periods of growth in your Christian experience. It will involve long hours of running recreation and leading small groups combined with reading, study and work. In addition to this, you will be incorporated into a loving community of believers and will be expected to invest in those around you. However, you will get only get out of it to the extent that you invest in it.


What you can expect:

Expected from you:

Note: The SWO Institute program is only available to former and current Snowbird staffers (summer or year-round).

*Cost of Honduras trip is subject to change due to airline ticket pricing.

Apply for Staff
We utilize semester proctors and trip leaders for each semester. Contact Josh Martin at for more information about positions with The Outdoor Leadership & Discipleship School.

Apply for Staff
There are currently no year-round openings at Snowbird, other than included in the SWO Institute program.

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